90 Day Program

Your Path To Empowerment: Radical Aliveness Program

Reprogram your subconscious minds and learn skills to live your life in joy, peace and empowerment.

Healing Intensive Self Reflection

90 Day Program for Personal Growth

Our subconscious minds are programmed from the moment of conception.  Often we grow up with certain misunderstandings thinking that we are not good enough and feel lesser than, making us feel unworthy. As a result we oftentimes feel stuck in negative patterns which in turn results in negative patterns.  We start questioning why we do what we do.

Learning how to recognize negative patterns, false irrational beliefs  and clearing misunderstandings empowers us to feel better about ourselves.  We then are free and unburdened to move in life with effortless ease.  Our confidence is increased enabling us to become strong, confident and living life joyfully!  We become our own best friend, standing up for ourselves and it feels Great

Claiming our power is possible once we reprogram our subconscious minds.  By utilizing ancient philosophies and wisdom, along with cutting edge energy techniques and methods, we learn skills to live our lives with peace, joy and aliveness.  No longer do we become a victim of what happened to us growing up, but have the tools to empower ourselves as adult individuals.  We become healthy, empowered individuals as we forgive and let go of that which does not serve us any longer.  

If you are interested in claiming your power to enrich your life, then this program is for you.  My expertise will help you uncover the areas which hold you back from living the life you were meant to live.  Together we can discover patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. Expand your life to create more of what you want and less of what does not serve you. 

This 90 day program is designed to help those who desire immediate results.  It is my experience that most students receive noticeable changes within the first few sessions.  My belief is that we all deserve to live the life of our dreams and that we are all created equally.  What is your belief for yourself?  I would love to help you attain your dreams by helping you to uncover your limitations.  Thus helping you to become RADICALLY ALIVE!

This program consists of 6 private Zoom, Facebook or phone sessions with Sara.  You will also receive audio recordings of all sessions. If you have questions i will also be there to support you via email, text of FaceTime during the length of the program. As an added BONUS:  Enrolling in this program will also allow you to  participate in my online studio at a 50% reduction of my regular fee. 

Program Fee $799 or 3 payments of $299 per month.

1 Payment Of $799:

3 Monthly Payments Of $299:


My whole life I have needed healing from my past experiences. I wanted to become a whole and healthy. To achieve this positive state of existence requires a change in the mind, body, and soul. After two weeks at Yoga Home of Therapeutics I have acquired a positive change in my thought processes, my physical body and my relationships with others. The healing process came through a combination of therapy, which I hate, and yoga which I love. This has allowed my mind to become open to the positive aspects of life. I finally have found a community of caring and genuine individuals. My deepest gratitude to Sara Alavi.
Yeal R.
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