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1- What do you hope for this coming year that is different from other years? Anything that you are hoping for to happen?  Is there an area in your inner world that you are hopeless about?  

2-How do you want to improve your life this year? It will not get delivered at your door!  We are the initiators! what do you see yourself improving?  What are you willing to do to get it? 

3-What do you want to contribute to your community to make it a better place?  How do you view your roll in your community? How do you engage and take part of your neighborhood activities, local politics? How do you hold yourself responsible?

4-Whose life do you want to improve and how will you do that? Must be wise to do so. 

5- How do you want to be different by the end of the year?

6-What changes are unfolding in your life that you need to cooperate with and what does that mean? What is changing in your life?  What ideas and plans are put to rest and what great new beginnings are starting? Give 3 examples of those things changing in your life. 

7-In what way or ways do you want to deepen your spiritual life? Your mind is no good when it comes to answering this question. Answering this requires a prayerful state of being. what do I know about God?  Am I comfortable with my spiritual side? Do I really pray?  Do I love being alone and disconnected from internet?


1- I resolve to 

So that I 

2-I resolve to 

So that I 

3-I resolve to 

So that I 

4-I resolve to 

So that I 

5- I resolve to 

So that I 

Yoga Nidra intention setting questions:

1-What in my life is currently not working? Ex. Stressful to work with others. Ex. Low energy

2-What habits or way of being do I engage in that contributes to this?  Ex. Not speaking up, trying to please her, never feeling like I can measure up.  Ex. Sugary treats to reward myself 

3-How would you like to be in this situation instead? Ex. Speak up, tell the truth, be honest, clear, myself, empowered.   Ex. Reward self in other ways, choose foods with different effects. 

4-describe what you would be like if you were free of this habit or way of being?  How would you feel inside?  What would you say or do differently? (describe)  ex. Centered, grounded, empowered, truthful.  Ex. Energized, good about myself, not guilty. 

5- Look at your answers from the last few questions. Circle any words or phrases that resonates most with you.  Use of or several of these to formulate an effective intention for your yoga nidra.   Ex. I am empowered to speak from truth.    Ex.  I reward myself in ways that feed my energy. 


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