Hawaii Yoga Therapy and Meditation Retreat

$1,049.50 / month for 2 months

Windward Retreat Center

Coming 2022

Hawaii Yoga Therapy and Meditation Retreat

Sara Alavi

Program Tuition and Basic Accommodations: $2099 (2 Easy Monthly Payments of $1049.50)

In this retreat, we will relax and enjoy all the beauty and love Hawaii has to give. The focus of our retreat will be one of the most powerful teachings of the ancients;  letting go. All religions and spiritual traditions tell us to let go of our suffering, thoughts, worries, judgements and burden of life.

Each morning after you have said hello to the Sun, enjoyed the birdsongs singing and chirpings, and finished your delicious vegan breakfast, we’ll enjoy an active yoga practice to awaken your body with love, and draw your mind inward through gentleness and curiosity and focus on posture.  Each afternoon, we’ll settle deeply into restorative poses to unwind and decompress.  Each afternoon session will also include breathing techniques (pranayama) and Yoga Nidra, sleep based meditation.

Most afternoons between lunch and class are wide open for you to do whatever you choose: hike, read, nap, swim, socialize, or simply BE without doing.  Sara strongly encourages us the latter!  Do leave your work at home and come to play and simply let go of anything that has been holding you back from being your most relaxed self.

There will be other group activities such as hiking, swimming, yoga on beach, Yoga Nidra on the beach, sharing, journaling, self-inquiry, and more;  all lead by Sara.

On Sunday night, we each may bring something to share such as a poem to read, a joke, or a dance to share or a story to tell or share. 100 percent guarantee that all acts and sharing will be wholeheartedly applauded.


*25 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program credit hours are available for this retreat.

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