One Day Silent Retreat


Silent Retreat

Sometimes it feels like chaos is devouring us. We feel confused and unsure of our own reality.  No doubt, we are all experiencing times of chaos and unrest in the World.  We feel hope and we go back and forth between the two.  I think that we are going through a period of finding out who we really are and our relationship to one another.  We must now be afraid.

We are learning about our World in a way that we were never asked to engage and enter into relationship with.  We are all in this together and we much find out who we really are and what our values are.  We must know our Work, that mission and reason for which we were born to do.  We must be clear about our personal rights and boundaries. We much have the courage to set and practice healthy boundaries.

Our biggest investment is indeed our own selves.  The biggest security we have is to believe in ourselves.  The biggest asset is your personal power.  It is the time of growth, service and deep love.  Fear and confusion are our biggest obstacles.  We all breathe the same air.  We cannot ever go back!  No effort goes wasted. We all reside in the same energy field.  We much know our values and our personal rights.

We must let go and release all fear of:

  • freedom
  • our personal power
  • becoming a whole person
  • knowing our Work
  • supporting and trusting our own nature therefore our own intution

Enjoy a day of retreat away from your daily responsibilities and worries.  Come and experience who you really are, really!

Sunday January 8th, 2023

10am to 6pm

Fee $249 ($199 for the first 7 retreaters)

This one day silent yoga retreat includes:

  • Welcoming and Setting Our Intentions for 2023
  • lecture on energy systems of our bodies according to yoga system
  • Gentle and restorative yoga practice to balance our energy systems
  • guided meditation for Balancing energy systems
  • Yoga Nidra meditation to balance our energy systems
  • gluten free Persian cuisine vegetarian lunch and snacks
  • hot teas and coffee
  • self inquiry and journaling
  • silent meditation and reflection
  • group sharing and questions and answers towards the end of the retreat

Sara will lead you into a deep and restful experience as you disengage from the ordinary everyday life to explore a profound inner peaceful experience.  When your energy systems are strong and balanced, you feel calm, healthy, peaceful and empowered.

Please, bring your water bottles, journals, yoga mats, yoga blankets, bolsters and a scarf please.

Join Sara by RSVP and letting her know your food allergies if any. She Will be cooking her famous Persian saffron rice and more!



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