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    Refresh + Renew Workshop

    September 10th, 2023    Time: 1:30 pm to 2:45 pm  Location: Body Barr on Broadway Extention in Edmond, Oklahoma

    I bring you a dreamy and powerful workshop that will leave you Refreshed + Renewed for the upcoming months ahead.  Participants will experience a deep relaxation through gentle physical movements and breathing methods.  You will be guided through practices that reset the nervous system and return the body and mind back to a state of homeostasis.

    I will utilize methods such as tapping, yoga nidra and yogic intention setting that are proven to release stress, anxiety, and even enhance sleep.  Attendees will leave their mats feeling much lighter, brighter, inspired, and empowered.


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    Fast Track Inner Child Healing Course

    It is time to heal the past; It is time to be free from all that has ever in the past.  My method of healing the inner child is the foundation of healing the past. 

    As always take responsibility for your physical and emotional well-being. Be sure to reach out to me for any questions or if you would like to dive in and get started healing your traumas and to get your power back.

    For any assistance or help email Sara@Sara.Guru

About Sara

The Spiritual Mentor

Here is how I got started healing my trauma:

One day in 1996, I lost eye sight in my left eye due to extreme anxiety and stress;  symptoms of PTSD.

I was diagnosed with heart disease and MS and I was told that my blindness was a symptom of the MS diagnosis. 

It was then that my spiritual seeking began. I started learning to focus my mind and relax.  My eye sight returned within five months.  I am now healthier and happier than I have ever been! 

I became a certified yoga teacher in 2001. I have dedicated my life to healing and helping others heal themselves as I did. 

 I share my secrets of healing with every client I work with and I this has become my mission and purpose. 

I founded Yoga Home of Therapeutics in 2009.  Since pandemic I have transitioned my Work online.

Now, I am more passionate than ever before about  helping you heal yourself.

I see clients in person and virtually.  Call or text me anytime to chat 405-203-8927 so that we can get started healing you!

If you like to know my credentials, here is the list of them. I utilize all of my training, experiences both personal and working with my clients since 2001, in every class and session to help you all heal.




Learn to focus Your Mind on What you actually want!

My whole life I have needed healing from my past experiences. I wanted to become a whole and healthy. To achieve this positive state of existence requires a change in the mind, body, and soul. After two weeks at Yoga Home of Therapeutics I have acquired a positive change in my thought processes, my physical body and my relationships with others. The healing process came through a combination of therapy, which I hate, and yoga which I love. This has allowed my mind to become open to the positive aspects of life. I finally have found a community of caring and genuine individuals. My deepest gratitude to Sara Alavi.
Yeal R.
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