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Sara Alavi

the spiritual mentor who helps you empower yourself!

Sara uses relaxation, hypnosis and meditation techniques to help you allow the body to create profound healing shifts in every session!

Sara's Philosophy

Uncover the source of the highest powers within!

Sara Alavi brings you the state of the art and cutting edge energy techniques combined with the ancient traditional yogic practices to help you release all those things holding you back! Towards empowerment & optimal health and the highest good of all!

Anyone can do Sara’s yoga style! Which is a combination of several different styles of yoga — excluding no one!

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Yoga Therapy Studio

Livestreams and unlimited access to vast video-based online content library.

Private Sessions

One-on-one wholistic healing with Sara. The best way to reach the root cause.

Individual Programs

A 90 day in-depth program tailored to your needs, with regular one-on-one sessions.


Intensive, educational, and fun group healing and learning with individualized attention.

Customer Reviews

I initially discovered Sara through a very good friend of mine. I am very thankful to have discovered Sara during a painful and traumatic period in my life. I went through a loss that would take my a long time to heal from. Sara helped me both physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
- Charlyce

Video Tesimonials

From current & past clients

I began yoga with Sara to improve my flexibility and core strength, and discovered a yoga practice improves many other things! The basics of breathing, staying centered and in the present, and body awareness taught here have helped me in so many aspects of my life.
- Diana
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