EFT or Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique

The emotional freedom technique is called several names such as EFT,  Tapping, psychological acupressure, and or psychological acupuncture. EFT is energy work where you tap various parts of your body with the fingers to rewire your brain pathways.  I use tapping to help my clients in private sessions.

It is quick and side-effect-free.  Tapping dramatically increases our psychic abilities and creates miracles such as finding jobs and changing people’s minds. EFT has been used for manifesting our dreams and intentions.   manifst your intenti 

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My whole life I have needed healing from my past experiences. I wanted to become a whole and healthy. To achieve this positive state of existence requires a change in the mind, body, and soul. After two weeks at Yoga Home of Therapeutics I have acquired a positive change in my thought processes, my physical body and my relationships with others. The healing process came through a combination of therapy, which I hate, and yoga which I love. This has allowed my mind to become open to the positive aspects of life. I finally have found a community of caring and genuine individuals. My deepest gratitude to Sara Alavi.
Yeal R.
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